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Infrastructure Australia release roadmap report

Infrastructure Australia (IA) has released a roadmap report on how to better plan and deliver infrastructure projects – and is seeking your input.

IA’s new report, Delivering Outcomes: A Roadmap to Improve Infrastructure Industry Productivity and Innovation, aims to help improve the delivery of infrastructure in Australia with suggested changes for the way projects are procured and delivered, as well as how assets are managed, operated and maintained across their lifecycles.

The key reform recommendations of the report are:

1.          Shift from a focus on manual work on-site to off-site digitally enabled, pre-fabricated production processes, in line with international best practice.

2.          Develop and publish jurisdiction-wide, cross-sectoral infrastructure investment pipelines that outline current, funded, committed and planned public and private infrastructure activity over a 10-year horizon.

3.          Shift from current, combative contracting models to longer-term, collaborative models that integrate the supply chain.

4.         Support the financial sustainability of the infrastructure industry by adopting principles of fair return, improving benchmarking, reviewing payment terms and risk allocation.

5.         Establish and embed equality, diversity and inclusion objectives through each infrastructure investment.

IA says this roadmap sets out a future where: outcomes provide the focus for infrastructure delivery; partners are engaged earlier in developing delivery approaches; and a digital transformation is used to develop intelligent solutions.

Comments on the report are requested by April 29, 2022. Visit to access the report.

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