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JB Attachments comply with NSW legislation changes

[Special Report] Changes in legislation concerning semi-automatic quick hitches in New South Wales have highlighted the benefits of JB attachments’ fully automatic front and rear-locking quick-hitch Multi-Couplers, which have a number of key features to ensure workplace safety and provide the option of easy retrofitting.

WorkCover NSW phased out the supply and sale of semi-automatic quick hitches in April 2014, due to an increasing number of accidents.

In addition, semi-automatic quick hitches which allow uncontrolled movement in the event of the primary retention system failing will no longer be allowed to be installed or supplied in the state from 31 December 2015.

The JB Multi-Coupler’s unique, lightweight, low-profile design greatly improves breakout force, meaning greater production efficiency. It requires positive hydraulic force to release the coupler from the attachment, so in the event of hydraulic failure the attachment stays connected.

Its patented positive mechanical locking system ensures safety by eliminating human error and means less costly downtime.

Disengagement of the attachment is prevented in the event of loss or reduction of engagement force (if any), ensuring that the attachment is retained in the working position.

The new JB Attachments Multi-Coupler Front and Rear locking has independent compliance certification and complies with all relevant regulations in Australia and New Zealand, including proposed international standards.

It goes well beyond market expectation for quick-hitch couplers in regards to not only safety but also performance.

According to WorkCover NSW the legislation was brought in because two people died due to semi-automatic quick hitch related incidents in the first three months of 2012.

“These fatalities were a result of attachments detaching from the hitch without warning and striking persons in the vicinity of the excavator,” it says.

Semi-automatic quick hitches fitted on host machines before 30 April 2014 can be used until 31 December 2022, but there are a number of restrictions relating to their importation to, or supply within, the state.

A PDF of the revised NSW WorkCover Position paper can be viewed here:

JB Attachments has numerous Multi-Coupler options which all comply with the legislation changes in NSW and suit all operator requirements.

JB’s premium products have a fast turn around and excellent aftermarket service. The range includes:

  • Cast Multi-Coupler – Front Locking/ Front & Rear Locking
  • Fabricated Multi-Coupler – Front Locking/ Front & Rear Locking
  • HeliTilt Multi-Coupler – Front Locking/ Front & Rear Locking
  • Ram-Tilt Multi-Coupler – Front Locking/ Front & Rear Locking


Retrofitting JB Multi-Couplers

Any excavator that currently has a JB Multi-Coupler is fully compliant with Workcover NSW regulations until 31 December 2022. However, some major contractors and particular work sites are insisting that, for safety requirements, excavator hitches meet the new regulations.

With this in mind, JB Attachments made a conscious decision to create a design that could be retrofitted.

For reference go to this video, which shows field testing of the new design with check valve and lines removed:

If you have a Front Locking only JB Multi-Coupler, JB is able to supply you with a retrofit option. Retrofitting a Front and Rear Locking slide will save you purchasing a brand new quick hitch should it be a site requirement.

JB retrofit options are available on all the JB Multi-Coupler and Tilt Hitch range.

How the JB retrofit option works:

  • You have a pre-existing JB Multi-Coupler
  • You or a JB technician retrofit the slide to the JB Multi-Coupler
  • You’re ready to go with a Front & Rear Locking Multi-Coupler in compliance with NSW regulations.


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