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JCB and Leica Geosystems partner to provide excavator control solutions

JCB and Leica Geosystems have announced a joint project to offer semi-automatic control solutions for JCB excavators

JCB and Leica Geosystems have announced that they are working together to offer factory-fitted 2D and 3D-ready semi-automated excavator control solutions.

The Intelligrade control system is available initially on the JCB 220X tracked excavator in the UK, with plans to expand this across the whole JCB X Series range in additional regions.

Leica Geosystems 2D and 3D-ready machine control solutions are available with semi-auto configuration to enhance productivity, accuracy and safety by automating functions, such as boom, bucket and tilt rotator control, and to reduce human error in construction operations.

Working to predetermined site plans, the 2D machine control system provides real-time guidance and accuracy for tasks such as grading and levelling, ensuring the excavator’s bucket or blade achieves the desired slope or elevation.

This solution, according to the companies, is ideal for projects that involve simple terrain or require basic grading.

Customers looking for even greater accuracy, more precision and additional semi-auto functionality on earthmoving applications can choose the 3D-ready option to retain the flexibility of upgrading to 3D in the future.

To upgrade the factory solution to a 3D version, customers can contact their local Leica Geosystems sales office or dealer, who will support with calibration and installation at the JCB dealership or at the customer’s premises.

“We are committed to innovation with our X Series range and this introduction will mean new levels of efficiency and reduced operating costs,” JCB head of excavators Paul Swallow says.

“In addition, it gives operators greater levels of accuracy when using X Series machines, delivering consistently high standards on construction sites.

“It also reduces the need for additional surveyors on site, leading to enhanced levels of safety.

“Leica Geosystems is a leader in the field of 2D and 3D machine control and by integrating these products at the factory, it ensures they are perfectly set up and available to use from the outset.

“Customers can achieve all the benefits of semi-auto machine control without the disruption or complexity of retro-fitting in the field.”

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