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JCB’s intelligent weighing system set for Australia

JCB’s Intelliweigh system is capable of weighing loads on multiple attachments

As part of its Waste & Controls option package, JCB will introduce the Intelliweigh system for its 427, 437 and 457 wheeled loader models in Australia later this year.

The system was launched recently in the United Kingdom, and JCB says it will be available in Australia later this year. 

JCB says the system provides an accurate, digital and connected on-board weighing solution straight from the factory. 

JCB Intelliweigh, which comes with an optional printer, has been specifically designed and developed for JCB wheeled loading shovels.  

It is capable of weighing loads on a multitude of attachments even when working on uneven ground conditions, leading to reduced cycle times and maximising its tonnes per hour performance, the company says.  

Offering an accuracy rating within two per cent and an ergonomic 7-inch (17cm) touchscreen display with physical keys for increased useability, the Intelliweigh system is compatible with up to 10 different attachments, including forks and buckets.   

Split System

Intelliweigh can be used as a split system, allowing the operator to load and weigh multiple vehicles on a single site.  

Individual targets can be set for each vehicle while maintaining the same overall target weight, to ensure that all vehicles and trailers are filled evenly and to their maximum capacity.  

Split loading provides the convenience of combined weight tickets, to allow customers to calculate total combined material weights from a site. 

The Intelliweigh display can also be used to show the reversing camera feed, when fitted.  

This allows the operator to see all useful functions on a single screen, improving site safety and reducing operator fatigue, says JCB.  

An onboard printer is provided to provide weight tickets from within the cab. Intelliweigh data can also be automatically uploaded to a customer’s systems, with live updates on machine efficiency and production. 

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