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John Deere launches mid-size wheel loader

The 444 G-Tier mid-size wheel loader has been released to the US market

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Introduced to the US market, the 444 G-Tier wheel loader from John Deere is a smaller sized offering with a lower operating weight than the previous 544 and 644 G-Tier machines.

Catering to the construction market, the new wheel loader serves customers who would like more economically priced options, John Deere says.

“This model not only comes in at an attractive price point, but it was also designed to perform and deliver the same durability and power customers expect from a John Deere machine,” global product manager Drew Miller says.

While offering a competitive price point and similar productivity as other models in its size class, the 444 G-Tier wheel loader can be equipped with optional high-lift, expanding the reach of the machine.

The optional debris package, which comes equipped with a centrifugal precleaner and an auto reversing fan, which helps to reduce downtime by enabling the operator to stay up and running on the job without pausing to remove job site debris.

Further focusing on debris, this model includes protective transmission and bottom guards.

Operators can benefit from ground-level access on the machine’s left side, making refills of major fluids, fuel and diesel exhaust fluid straightforward and simple.

On the right side of the machine there is easy access to the engine, after-treatment systems and the cooling system.

Packed with familiar John Deere comfort, the 444 G-Tier wheel loader comes with adjustable controls, added floor storage space and a joystick with integrated forward, neutral and reverse controls.

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