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John Deere releases D-series cold planer attachment

John Deere have released the D-Series cold planer attachment in the United States, part of its Worksite Pro line of construction machinery attachments.

The attachment transforms a skid steer or other compact loader into a pavement milling machine, suitable for road construction, street repairs or matching uneven pavement surfaces.

There are four new attachment models in the D-series – the CP12D, CP18D, CP24D, CP30D. Although engineered with John Deer loaders in mind, the cold planer is compatible with any track or wheel loader with a skid-steer interface.

John Deere says the new models are heavier than their C-series predecessors, which helps to keep the planer in place and reduces bounce, resulting in a smoother cut. John Deere says the D-series delivers a 10 percent increase in cut rate over its C-series predecessors. The planer can be manually adjusted to allow planning on both the left and right sides of the machine.

“All John Deere Worksite Pro attachments are designed to increase the versatility and productivity of any compact machine,” John Deere product marketing manager Gregg Zupancic says.

“Hydraulic-drive tools, like the new cold planers, are available in both standard and high-flow variations, giving operators the exact amount of power they need to get more work done.”

The machine is protected by plating over electric and hydraulic components and it moves on hardened-steel wheels positioned out of the way of the cutting area, avoiding debris and obstructions. If debris does manage to get through, the planer has a front door that opens forward to provide access.

We’ve reached out to John Deere for an Australian release date and will update.

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