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Jungheinrich reveals new reach truck at IMHX

Leading materials handling brand Jungheinrich has unveiled a new reach truck, the ETV 318 at the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) held in Birmingham, UK late last month.

According to Jungheinrich, one of the main characteristics of
the new truck is its maximum lift height of 11,500 milimetres with
a residual weight capacity of 1,000 kg. It is also capable of
lifting and transporting loads of up to 1,800 kg.

Another main feature of the reach truck is its new
operator-protecting panorama roof made of tinted safety glass,
offering improved visibility during storing and picking operations,
particularly at high lift heights.

Jungheinrich adds the machine also comes fitted with new
electric steering that ensures the steering wheel knob returns to
its starting position- the 9 o’ clock position which Jungheinrich
says is the most ergonomic whenever the truck is travelling in a
straight line or when it is not in use.

Some other features of the new ETV 380 reach truck are:

  • Position Control assistance system to facilitate fast and easy
    stacking at predefined storage heights, whereby the truck
    automatically recognises the right rack level when the operator
    moves the control lever, eliminating the need for manual selection
    of height.
  • Warehouse Control assistance system for data transmission
    between reach truck terminal and the warehouse management system,
    allowing for datae to be processed in the vehicle and serve as set
    points for lift height pre-selection.
  • Operation Control assistance system that uses sensors to
    constantly measure the payload and synchronise it with the
    respective lift height. If residual capacity has been exceeded, the
    forklift operator receives both visual and acoustic alarm
  • Can be outfitted with optional packages including Efficiency
    Plus, Drive Plus and Lift Plus depending on the workload

The Jungheinrich brand of materials handling equipment is
distributed in Australia by NTP

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