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Juntaan charges ahead with electric pile driving rig

New electric pile-driving rig does not skimp on quality as it carries out heavy-duty tasks

Finnish manufacturer Junttan has become the latest to create an electric machine, launching a battery-powered pile driving rig.

The PMx2e is the result of four years’ worth of research and development, says Junttan CEO Pasi Poranen, and it can operate for between eight and 13 hours of continuous pile driving.

It is equipped with two detachable 396kWh battery packs, which means one can be replaced and topped up during the day through an external quick charging unit if required, with the machine running on the other battery pack’s power.

The PMx2e electric pile driving rig can work for eight to 13 hours at a time

Junttan says the PMx2e has been designed to mimic a diesel engine rig as closely as possible in terms of efficiency and power, even in difficult working conditions.

Compared to the company’s PMx22 diesel pile driving rig, Juntaan says the PMx2e “offers the same robust structure and usability… but consumes less energy per pile, reduces noise and delivers more power and instant torque”.

This electric pile driving rig, which Junttan claims is the world’s first, was commissioned by the Swedish subsidiary of European contracting firm Per Aarsleff A/S.

That firm’s head of sustainability Lars Dithmer hopes this will be the start of more electric machines being used on construction sites.

“The biggest challenge to finding alternatives to diesel-powered machines is the lack of large, powerful electric construction equipment, but machine manufacturers are working hard to solve this,” he says.

“The future is beginning to look brighter for more environmentally friendly construction sites.”

Going electric has not meant having to compromise on quality, as the PMx2e’s leader configurations are identical to a standard PMx22.

These numbers include 1,000mm vertical moment upwards, 1,500mm horizontal movement and 16,000kg leader capacity.

Junttan has an Australian presence, with an office and equipment yard both located in New South Wales.

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