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Kaeser Australia releases new rotary screw compressors

The new CSG series of rotary screw compressors provides even greater efficiency in air compression for specialised engineering applications

Pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, healthcare, chemicals and other specialised engineering applications have especially high demands when it comes to compressed air quality. This is where Kaeser Australia’s new CSG series rotary screw compressors come in, to achieve a high level of purity and efficiency.

The new CSG series rotary screw compressor range are a class 0 oil-free compressor. Recently launched in Australia, they have air flow rates ranging from 4 to 15 cubic metres/min and pressures up to 11 bar. Customers are offered the choice of air- or water-cooling and can select an optional integrated refrigeration dryer or a heat of compression dryer.

The CSG.1 can be specified as a fixed speed, fixed flow rated machine or, for applications with fluctuating compressed air demand, variable speed controlled ‘SFC’ versions are available with IE5 Ultra-Premium Efficiency synchronous reluctance motors.

The risk of potential product contamination by oil from the rotary screw compressor is evaluated and minimised by means of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point analysis and Kaeser can provide a residual oil class 0 certificate in accordance with ISO 8573-1.

The CSG.1 has also been certified according to ISO 22000:2018, which covers the manufacture of food and beverage equipment. To further formalise the supply chain’s integrity, customers can also option the CSG.1 with Pharmaceutical, Food or Engineering Industry Certification Packages. Additionally, customers can request certification that the machine is free of silicone contamination, as per VW PV 3.10.7.

Kaeser’s patented, energy-efficient Sigma Profile and airend feature an innovative, wear-resistant PEEK coating

Kaeser’s patented, energy-efficient Sigma Profile rotors now feature an innovative, wear-resistant PEEK (polyether ether ketone) coating, which results in an airend that will exhibit no air flow loss during its lifetime, Kaeser says.

Developed in-house, the special coating has three layers: nanoceramic, PEEK basecoat and topcoat. This coating is biocompatible, FDA-certified and compliant with European requirement VO 1935 for food contact materials, making it ideal for use in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The latest iteration of the integrated Sigma Control 2 (SC2) controller not only provides dependable and energy-efficient control of the compressor operation, but also enables connection to any master compressed air management system.

Furthermore, the SC2 continually monitors a number of sensors throughout the CSG.1 (including motor bearing temperature, winding temperatures and airend vibration) to ensure the compressor is operating within its optimal conditions at all times.

These and other optimisation measures means the updated CSG.1 series is able to deliver 16 per cent higher flow rates from the same power-rated motor as previously used.

A further aim of the range’s refinement was to improve the compressor heat recovery systems. This allows the heat generated by compression to be incorporated into other aspects of the business, such as space or process heating.

The updated CSG.1 series sees service intervals for the compressor as well as gear oil changes extended by 50 per cent.

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