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Video: Kanga DW625 mini skid-steer loader

In this video Ron Horner shows us what it’s like to operate one of the stand-on Kanga DW625 mini skid-steer loaders he reviewed recently.

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Talking from a paddock on the Gold Coast, Ron says it’s easy to operate and has precise, easily identifiable controls, but “it takes a bit of getting used to … and I can vouch for that”.

He says the Kanga is specifically designed plant for smaller operations, but has plenty of power for its size.

The DW625 is also super-versatile, Ron says: “You wouldn’t believe it, but these little machines have the ability to take on 70 different attachments. It wouldn’t matter what you were looking for, there’s an attachment to fit this.”

Ron’s a proud Aussie, and found a real affinity with this little loader.

“It’s ridgy-didge, fair dinkum Australian made,” he says. “Darn good product, excellent value. I say I tip me hat to ya … you’ve done a pretty good job with this one!”

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