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Kanga Loaders to commence independent operations from Digga Australia

Earthmoving equipment manufacturer Digga Australia has streamlined operations with its Kanga Loaders brand now operating independently with a fully integrated manufacturing, fabrication and servicing plant.

The restructure of Kanga Loaders will see it become a standalone business with a fully integrated facility not far from Digga’s 12,500sqm plant at Yatala, where it was formerly operating.

Kanga Loaders was ‘saved’ by Digga in 2009; a strategic acquisition which ensured its survival. The company has since boosted sales and become a leader in its field after launching its remote loader to mining giants including BHP and in coal mines in South America.

Digga invested considerable funds in Kanga R&D over a three-year period to commercialise a ground-breaking remote-controlled product.

The Kanga TR825 remote-controlled loader can remove material up to 10 times faster than manual labour and eliminates the need for expensive shutdowns.

Digga Australia CEO Suzie Wright says research shows that lost time injuries at mine sites costs an average of $200,000 per incident.

“It’s an invaluable asset to any company seeking to deliver on world-best practice risk management,” Wright says of the remote-controlled loader.

The loader is used to clean under conveyor belt systems in mining applications for stationary and operating systems, hazardous and confined areas or recovering material with poor access, including drains, tanks and pipes.

It is equipped with attachments for sweeping, trenching, augering holes, levelling, bucket work and has a hydraulic hammer.

While its practicality is ideally suited to mining purposes, the loader also has vast uses in civil and infrastructure projects.

“While its applications are highly sought in the mining sector, it’s really just the tip of the iceberg,” Wright says.

“Large-scale infrastructure projects, property developments and road builders will gain an advantage over their competitors by implementing this technology, proudly developed in Queensland.”

Wright likens Kanga to an awkward teenager that has now matured to operate on its own, albeit under the umbrella of Digga Australia.

“Kanga has grown to become a strong, innovative company which now has its own high-tech facility and is driving growth with strong exports,” she says.

“We are extremely proud of Kanga and it is reassuring in the manufacturing industry to know that investment in technology and key people can still pay dividends.

“Kanga is a powerful Gold Coast company, a leading innovator, exporting to large-scale mining operations and meeting demand domestically with equipment used in civil and infrastructure projects.”

Digga Australia’s chief operating officer Paul Taylor adds that the company remains committed to the manufacturing of Australian-made attachments for its expanding customer base.

“Investment now is in innovation, engineering and product development, and we see enormous growth prospects domestically in construction, mining and infrastructure as we continue to deliver high levels of customer service, while improving our product development,” he says.

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