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Keech brings out self-sharpening Keesharp bucket tooth

Bendigo-based Keech Australia has released the Keesharp, an innovative new bucket tooth for the mining, construction and earthmoving sectors that actually gets sharper with each use.

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The self-sharpening tooth has been designed to boost productivity and reduce costs. Keech Australia says it has a longer life than anything previously seen on the market.

Available for machine sizes from 20 to 350 tonnes, the Keesharp tooth has been rigorously tested to meet Keech’s quality standards and has been validated to match the breakout forces of the machines it’s designed for. The tooth has a unique design that leaves sharper edges as it is worn down over time.

“Because the tooth is so strong and because it gets sharper over time, Keesharp improves bucket penetration in even the most challenging conditions.” Keech Australia marketing manager Brad Clark says.

“Productivity is further enhanced because Keesharp is designed for easy changeover with a one-pin-fits-all format, delivering better machine availability while reducing downtime.”

The locking system has been designed with a pin on either side of the tooth to keep the distribution of weight even. The digging force is then absorbed by the tooth and adapter, which keeps the pins free of pressure.

Keech Australia has also standardised the pin size across the entire Keesharp range so tooth replacement is straightforward, minimising downtime.

“When you need to change applications fast and keep cycle time up you need quick and easy replacement of teeth,” Clark says. “Having a single pin size across the range makes tooth changeover simple and safe.”


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