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Kobelco releases new SK100MSR-7 9.2-tonne excavator

Kobelco has expanded its excavator range with the 9.2-tonne SK100MSR-7

The SK100MSR-7 is now available in Australia, with a 9,280kg operating weight and a 53.7kW (72 horsepower) engine.

The new SK100MSR-7 excavator features Kobelco’s Series 7 cabin, including a 10-inch colour monitor, Grammer air suspension seat and modern multifunction jog dial.

Kobelco says, compared to the SK85MSR-3E, the SK100MSR-7’s engine output has been increased by around 28 per cent, the digging cycle time has been shortened by 15 per cent, the loaded boom lifting speed has been increased by 38 per cent, hill climbing speed has been increased by 22 per cent and the arm digging speed has been increased by 37 per cent.

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