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Kobelco releases Series 7 excavators

Kobelco Construction Machinery Australia has introduced its heaviest short radius excavator to date, as well as a new range of mini excavators

Kobelco has announced that its SK380SRLC-7 is the heaviest and most capable short radius excavator it has released to date.

Ideal for operators working on urban and residential jobsites, the construction machinery company says short radius machines are becoming increasingly popular due to ongoing requirements for roadworks and utility maintenance.

Short radius machines benefit from a smaller working footprint, Kobelco says – which means that they can access tighter working areas.

This new model has notable improvements on the previous SK380SRLC model, including an upgraded operator station and a five per cent increase in engine output.

Capable of operating safely in a single road lane, Kobelco says the excavator is perfect for highway project applications requiring a larger machine in a restricted work area.

The new model weighs in at 37 tonnes, encompasses a 210kW output and a six per cent higher torque than previous models.

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Mini range

In addition to the SK380SRLC-7, Kobelco has also announced the arrival of its Series 7 mini excavator range to Australia, which includes the SK28SR-7, SK30SR-7 and SK35SR-7.

The 7 series mini excavators cater for operating requirements from three to four tonnes. Image: Kobelco

Replacing the dash 6 series, the new range offer increased engine performance (from 18 to 19kW), an updated cabin interior and easier maintenance.

“We’re always taking on board our customer’s feedback to understand what they need from their mini excavators and how they perform on jobsites,” Kobelco Australia product and distribution general manager Mark Johnson says.

The dash 7 series mini excavators cater for operating requirements from three to four tonnes, with base machine weights ranging from 2,930kg to 3,890kg.

Fuel consumption has been reduced by 25 per cent in this range using the new ECO-mode and the quick hitch piping has also been extended by 200mm, with standard tilt lines on SK30SR-7 and SK35SR-7 models.

Kobelco says this adds to the versatility of the machine by allowing easy installation of tilt hitches and multi-function hydraulic attachments.

Ideal for operating in limited space, the cabin interior has been redesigned to make long operating hours more comfortable, the company says.

The cabin interior has been redesigned for better comfort. Image: Kobelco

To reduce downtime for maintenance, Kobelco says the travel levers are now removable – which improves accessibility to the main control valve.

“As well as offering enhanced performance, increased bucket digging force and improved lifting capabilities, the introduction of the new range demonstrates how we are developing our mini excavator technology to better suit the needs of our operators and more demanding jobsite conditions,” Johnson says.

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