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Kobelco to Bring Demolition Excavator Down Under

With an operating weight of 130 tonnes, the Kobelco SK1300DLC is the largest OEM-manufactured building demolition machine in the world – and it’s coming to Australia.

The SK1300DLC is available to order now and will be available in mid-2023

Units of the SK1300DLC are expected to hit Australian shores by mid-2023 following significant interest on the global stage following its release in Europe in March this year.

But while the machine’s arrival is still one year away, it is available for order in Australia and New Zealand now.

The SK1300DLC boasts a reach of up to 40m and is capable of digging at depths up to 12.68m.

Kobelco says the machine has so far met expectations in the European market given its versatility and easy transportability for its size. The manufacturer says the machine is highly productive, with a power output of 380kW (509hp) and a rated torque of 998Nm.

Fitted with Kobelco’s Next Advance system has made the SK1300DLC more adaptable on the jobsite, with its four-piece high reach demolition attachment able to achieve greater working heights with heavier tools.

The Next Advance systems does this by incorporating a new articulated structure on the excavator, meaning heavy tools can be elevated while still maintaining a low centre of gravity.

The SK1300DLC is the largest OEM manufactured building demolition machine in the world
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