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Kobelco upgrades excavator warranties

Kobelco has upgraded its warranties for both mini and heavy excavators while maintaining current pricing.

The full factory warranty on Kobleco’s heavy excavators has been increased to 2 years / 3,000 hours, which the company says is industry-leading for this class of machine. These machines also come with a 4-year, 6,000-hour extended power train (EPT) warranty as standard.

On the mini-excavator side, Kobelco has upgraded its 4-year / 4,000-hour EPT warranty to a 4-year / 4,000-hour full factory warranty on the complete machine. This warranty, it says, also extends to the new range of mini models launched this month.

“This move is not just a better deal for our customers but it simplifies warranty, as it’s no longer necessary to offer a separate EPT warranty for Kobelco mini excavators,” says Kobelco General Manager Sales & Service Doug McQuinn.

“To show that this is a genuine offer and not being compensated for in the sale price, we are holding our current pricing because all our excavators, including the latest generation of Kobelco mini excavators, are worthy of the extended warranty,” he adds.

All Kobelco SR series heavy excavators as well as the new mini excavators in Kobelco’s range share the iNDr noise and dust reduction system, making the machines quieter than most. In addition, the latest generation of minis feature a new S mode of operation that Kobelco says provides up to a 20 percent improvement in fuel economy compared to the high idle mode of earlier machines.

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