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Komatsu and Cummins to develop zero-emission mining equipment

Komatsu and Cummins will collaborate to develop zero emission mining haul trucks

Komatsu has agreed to a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Cummins which will see the two parties collaborate on the development of zero-emissions hauling equipment.

The agreement will initially focus on zero emissions power technology including the development of hydrogen fuel cell solutions and developing a version suitable for large mining haul truck applications.

Komatsu says the agreement complements the company’s existing development plan for a power agnostic haul truck concept, which was announced in August 2021. The concept vehicle can run on several power sources including diesel electric, trolley, battery power, and hydrogen fuel cells.

Cummins’ experience as a leading power provider in the mining segment, including for Komatsu, will benefit the deal given the company’s large portfolio of power solutions, it says.

Komatsu says Cummins’ experience in developing batteries, fuel cell systems and electrolysers, all of which are key building blocks for decarbonisation and can withstand harsh mining environments, will be critical for the mining industry under the agreement.

“Cummins has been a long-term partner of Komatsu and has been investing in the key technologies required to support the energy transition in mining,” says president of Komatsu’s mining division, Masayuki Moriyama.

“These are critical technologies for helping mining customers reduce carbon emissions and accelerate carbon neutrality. Building on our partnership with Cummins, we are working to accelerate sustainable solutions for our customers.”

The MoU follows Komatsu’s commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from use of its equipment by 50 per cent before 2030. The collaboration is part of the company’s efforts to provide zero emissions solutions to its customers worldwide.

Komatsu has also targeted achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

In 2021, the company announced its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) alliance whereby customers can actively be involved with the planning, development, and testing phases of zero-emission mining equipment.

“Komatsu’s deep expertise in mining and equipment design and integration paired with our advanced power technologies including hydrogen fuel cells will accelerate decarbonisation of mining equipment,” says Cummins vice president and president of new power, Amy Davis.

“The mining industry has great potential to lead in adopting renewable solutions.”

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