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Komatsu Australia releases WA475-10 wheel loader

Komatsu has introduced the 26-tonne WA475-10 wheel loader to Australian shores, with fuel savings of 30 per cent

Komatsu’s WA475-10 wheel loader has been introduced to the Australian market.

The company says the 26-tonne machine saves 30 per cent more on fuel efficiency than the previous model and is perfect for hauling or loading jobs.

Komatsu Australia national business manager Nick Vrontas says the significant upgrades on the WA475-10 make it an appealing addition to quarry fleets.

“The WA475-10 features the newly developed Komatsu’s Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT), an innovative solution that makes the loader more powerful and more fuel-efficient,” he says.

“Variable speed control allows operators to adjust the machine’s top speed to meet specific site requirements, and the adjustable variable traction control also limits wheel spin on unstable and slippery ground conditions often found on quarry sites.

“We’ve also completely innovated the power control on this latest model. It’s never been easier for an operator to find the right balance between traction and lifting power, with the hydraulic speed independently controlled from the accelerator pedal, and the boom speed controlled by the hydraulic lever.”

A Z-bar linkage system provides more lift force and a higher tonnes-per-hour production rate on the WA475-10, Komatsu says, and the response time of the hydraulics and the dumping or lifting can be set to specific quarry site requirements.

Komatsu says the loader can be tailored for specific applications, such as waste sites or quarry environments. Working with customers, Komatsu can provide a solution that is tailored to the loader’s application, from enquiry to post delivery, maintaining service checks and requirements.

“The WA475-10 engine is Tier 4 compliant, and at even low engine speeds the engine puts out high power and delivers more engine torque and performance,” Vrontas says.

“We’re beyond excited to have the loader on our shores, and we’re looking forward to introducing it to many quarry sites across the country.”

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