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Komatsu brings PC88MR-11 excavator to Australia

The Komatsu PC88MR-11 midi excavator boasts a seven per cent productivity boost

With improved hydraulic flow, the newly-introduced Komatsu PC88MR-11 midi excavator promises a seven per cent productivity boost, according to Komatsu Australia national sales manager – utility Carl Grundy.

The PC88MR-11, recently launched in Australia and New Zealand, is designed for tight-access applications, including excavation, rock work and utilities projects.

“We’ve made upgrades from the previous model, and seen some great improvements in productivity, comfort and serviceability,” Grundy says.

“In particular, we’ve made some improvements to the hydraulic flow that means greater productivity and fuel efficiency for operators. The blade profile has also been redesigned, which makes backfilling and grading easier with this model.

“This model delivers 12 per cent greater attachment circuit hydraulic flow than the previous model with improvements to the auxiliary hydraulic system, which lets operators get the most out of their attachments for the different types of jobs.”

The short tail swing and swing boom make the PC88MR-11 ideal for tight spaces in residential areas and its compact size means it can be easily transported on equipment trailers from site to site, Komatsu says.

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“We’ve also looked at the serviceability of the machine and how we can make that easier for customers,” Grundy says.

“This model has three service access doors, including new doors at the rear of the machine, improving access for maintenance or repair.

“The cab is also designed with the operator in mind, ensuring it’s a quiet and comfortable work environment and all the controls are easy to reach.”

The PC88MR-11 also comes standard with Komtrax, Komatsu’s state of the art wireless monitoring system.

“Komtrax gives owners and operators an easy way to track their machines, monitor their performance and stay up to date about the status of their equipment, saving time and maximising profits.

“The machine is backed by the service and support of our wide-reaching Komatsu branch network, meaning no matter where your jobsite is, our team is available to help with any issues.

“The previous model of the PC88MR was very popular, and we’re looking forward to rolling this newest model out to our customers.”

For more details and specs on the new PC88MR-11, head to www.komatsu.com.au/equipment/excavators/1-8t-to-10-3t/pc88mr-11

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