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Komatsu Forest introduces triple-pump hydraulics

The new 3PS triple hydraulic pump system from Komatsu Forest enables forestry machine operators to perform several tasks simultaneously, allowing them to harvest more in less time.

The system consists of three hydraulic pumps split into several circuits, which allows the use of several high-power hydraulic functions at the same time.

Not only does this guarantee hydraulic power, Komatsu says, it also results in fuel savings for the machine owner “as fuel consumption per processed cubic foot is considerably lower compared to a harvester without a triple pump system”.

The system consists of a transmission pump and two separate pumps which are only used for the machine’s working hydraulics. Those working hydraulics are split into high- and low-pressure circuits.

“For processing tasks that require a great deal of oil – or hydraulic power – the two circuits are combined for maximum power and performance,” Komatsu Forest says. “The low-pressure circuit is otherwise used for hydraulic functions with lesser needs, so that the 3PS system does not produce unnecessary hydraulic power.

“Hydraulic power demands are also co-ordinated with the diesel engine’s power output and system power is regulated by the MaxiXplorer control system,” it adds.

The 3PS system is featured as standard on the new Komatsu 901, Komatsu 911, Komatsu 931, and Komatsu 951 harvesters.

Komatsu Forest is an international group with its headquarters and technology centre in Umeå, Sweden. One of the world’s largest forestry machinery manufacturers, the Komatsu-owned company has about 1,400 employees and factories in Sweden and the United States.

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