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Komatsu releases PC7000 mining shovel

Komatsu has released the PC7000 mining shovel, a massive 700-tonne-class monster available in face shovel and backhoe configurations.

The big shovel is powered by twin Komatsu SSDA16V159E-2 diesel engines pushing out 2500kW (2 X 1250kW). The overall crawler assembly length is 10.5m, with a track pad width of 1500mm or 1900mm depending on whether it’s in face shovel or backhoe configuration.

Komatsu says the PC7000, which is matched to 200-tonne-plus haul trucks such as Komatsu’s 830E, 860E and 930E trucks, was designed in collaboration with industry and represents the latest in mining technology.

“The PC7000 is an example of Komatsu’s innovative design philosophy and technology-driven engineering,” Komatsu Australia national product manager Michael Hall says.

“It represents the latest in mining technology, and was developed as a result of close collaboration with our mining industry partners from around the world; with mining becoming ever more challenging, we opted for a truly customer-oriented approach,” Hall says.

“As part of this process, our long-term mining partners were asked to define their requirements for the next generation of shovels. They identified safety, productivity, maintainability and performance as key drivers – and all were taken into consideration by our design and development engineers.”

Komatsu says the PC7000 has the highest engine power and breakout force in its class, leading to faster load cycle times. The bucket can handle a whopping 36 cubic metres and has a breakout force of 1.671 kN.

The cab is fully insulated, and sits atop 18 viscous damping pads that cushion the operator. Automatic climate control, as well as an adjustable air-suspension seat, keep the operator comfortable. It also has an AM/FM radio and a CD player with AUX for an MP3 player.

As with all modern Lomatsu vehicles, the PC7000 connects remotely to Komatsu’s KOMTRAX Plus machine health monitoring system and the INSITE Fleet Management system.

“Customers can constantly check the machine’s operating status of their machine through KOMTRAX Plus, Komatsu’s industry-leading machine monitoring system, which is standard on the PC7000,” Hall says.

“Our INSITE centre constantly monitors data covering key machine, fleet, production and industry parameters across all Komatsu mining, construction and utility machines operating throughout our region, ensuring we harness the latest ICT (information communications technology) to derive maximum benefits for our customers.”

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