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Komatsu to acquire Mine Site Technologies

Acquisition comes as Komatsu pledges to boost underground mining services offering

Komatsu Australia is set to acquire connectivity solutions provider Mine Site Technologies (MST) in a bid to increase boost its internet technologies for mining operations.

The acquisition will see Komatsu and MST develop new technologies, equipment and solutions to support the changing needs of the mining industry, such as the growing use of digitalisation and automation to boost safety and productivity.

The planned acquisition is due to be finalised on July 1, 2022, on the condition all necessary procedures for closing are completed.

MST uses digital technology in the underground mining sector to help customers build digital ecosystems with real-time highlights through products such as Helix and Axon, which can build a real-time geospatial digital twin to advance their digital underground strategies.

Using MST platforms, customers can visualise and monitor their underground mining environment and control it from a remote operations centre, making mining more productive and safer, while safeguarding the environment underground.

Both Komatsu and MST say that following the acquisition, they will work together to increase technology on offer to customers such as the availability of high-speed, low latency communication, integrating IoT sensors into the system, increasing the volume of information, and enabling real-time tracking and automation of mining operations.

Komatsu Australia chief executive Sean Taylor says the acquisition will help Komatsu expand its offering for underground mining through these new technological developments.

“Over the past 100 years, Komatsu has earned a reputation for using technological innovation to help our customers achieve their goals, and so we are pleased to continue this journey with the acquisition of MST Global,” Taylor says.

“MST Global has been delivering innovative solutions to the mining industry for 30 years and is yet another example of Australia leading the world in mining innovation.

“MST Global’s expertise in leveraging optical fibre broadband communication systems to build real-time geospatial digital twins of underground mining operations complements Komatsu’s existing solution offerings and will help our customers achieve their goals of safety and productivity whilst safeguarding the environment.”

In its announcement, MST says it will continue to operate under its existing brand name and with its existing team, organisational structure and office locations.

Furthermore, MST will continue to supply OEM independent and interoperable solutions to customers, it says.

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