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Komatsu to launch new electric excavators to rental market

Komatsu will launch its PC200LCE-11 and 210LCE-11 models for rental in Japan and Europe, ahead of a later launch in Australia

Komatsu has announced plans to launch the PC200LCE-11 and 210LCE-11 models of its 20-tonnes class electric excavators as rental machines in the Japanese and European markets this month.

Komatsu has developed these electric models with US battery manufacturer Proterra and plans to gradually introduce these electric models in Asia, North America and Australia.

After exhibiting one of the models at ConExpo-Con/AGG 2023 in March of this year,

Komatsu has marked FY2023 as the first year for the market introduction of electric construction equipment.

The launch of these PC200LCE and 210LCE11 models follows the recent introduction of the Komatsu three-tonne electric mini excavator and offers customers the chance to test these machines for themselves.

The battery-powered system produces no exhaust gases, creating a cleaner work environment, making them ideal for indoor construction, piping work and construction in urban areas.

The Proterra lithium-ion battery system stores 451kWh of energy, which enables up to about eight hours (depending on the jobsite and conditions) of operating time on a full charge and takes roughly nine hours (depending on the power supply) to fully charge the battery with the included charger. Output is 123kW (165 horsepower).

The PC200LCE-11 has a bucket capacity of 0.80 cubic metres, a 24.4-tonne operating weight and a 3m tail swing radius.

Because the power source is an electric motor, the machines do not generate engine noise, and vibration and heat are reduced.

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