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Video: Komatsu’s underwater dozer

Wanted: Experienced dozer operator for Komatsu D155W amphibious bulldozer. Must be able to hold breath for long time.



Okay, that’s not strictly accurate — while the dozer can really work underwater, as you can see in the above video, it’s operated from the bank, using a remote control.

Komatsu developed the D155W in 1971, producing 36 machines and selling 14 to overseas countries, primarily the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia and Italy. Five of the earthmovers are still owned and operated by Japan-based Asunaro Aoki Construction.

The dozer’s features a watertight engine compartment and a high stack for air intake and exhaust. It is capable of working underwater to a depth of 7m.

Fast-forward to about the 4:50 mark in the video to see the Komatsu D155W coming out of the water.

Is this the most efficient method of clearing sediment or backfilling underwater? The jury’s out on that one, which might explain why the idea never really caught on.

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