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Komptech CEA releases Multistar XXL2 star screen

Komptech CEA has introduced the Multistar XXL2 to the Australian market, with the company describing it as a “powerhouse”

The Multistar XXL2, the latest addition to the Komptech range of waste processing equipment, aims to improve efficiency in the fields of waste management.

Komptech CEA says the new two-fraction star screen has a throughput of up to 500 cubic metres per hour and has been designed for compost screening or bark/wood chip processing.

Due to the simple adjustability of the screen cut, operators can control particle size to adapt to different materials and processing requirements, from coarse to fine screening.

Komptech CEA says it has addressed energy consumption through using an all-electric drive powered by electricity from either a generator or the grid, while Komptech’s patented CleanStar cleaning system moves material horizontally within the screen to prevent material buildup.

“From its high throughput capabilities to its energy-efficient design, every feature is geared towards maximising performance while minimising environmental impact,” Komptech CEA says.

“As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, the Multistar XXL2 stands as a beacon of progress in the quest for a more efficient and sustainable future.”

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Multistar XXL2. Image: Komptech CEA
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