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Liebherr converts R 9400 mining excavator to electric

Liebherr Mining has successfully converted one of its R 9400 excavators from diesel to an electric powertrain

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Originally powered by a diesel engine, the R 9400 has been converted into an electric configuration and renamed as the R 9400 E.

In partnership with Fortescue, Liebherr mining embarked on this project as part of its effort to develop zero emission solutions for mining, Liebherr says.

This project marks the first time in more than 40 years that Liebherr has successfully converted one of its excavators from diesel to an electric powertrain, during the standard service life of the machine.

“This repower project demonstrates that decarbonisation is also possible with Liebherr machines previously supplied with diesel engines,” executive vice president of R&D, engineering and manufacturing Oliver Weiss says.

Commissioned at Fortescue’s Christmas Creek mine site in WA, the renamed R 9400 E will be powered by a hydrogen offboard power unit (OPU).

Designed and developed by Fortescue, the OPU is currently undergoing site-based testing within Fortescue’s purpose-built zero emission testing area at the Christmas Creek mining site.

“The modular design of Liebherr equipment makes it possible to repower existing diesel excavators to new zero emission configurations, such as electric powertrains,” Weiss says.

“This means that the diesel equipment customers buy today is also future-proofed for many years to come.”


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