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Video: Liebherr haul truck fabrication and assembly timelapse

Liebherr makes great videos, and the Swiss heavy machinery manufacturer’s latest offering is a fascinating timelapse following the manufacture and assembly in North Queensland of an Ultra Class T 282 C mine haul truck fleet.



It takes us from the fabrication of the truck bodies (check out some of those welds!) through the transportation of the various components from the Port of Brisbane to the build site in North Queensland. Finally we see the assembly, another road trip 314km to the mine site and some working footage.

The drive system and planetary gear sets for the 237-tonne Liebherr T 282 C haul trucks were built in Biberach, Germany, the rims in Toronto, Canada, the Chassis in Newport News, USA, and the dump body in Brisbane.

The tray build timelapse sequence took 22,000 individual photo frames to make, while the build pad assembly is composed of just over 12,000 photographs. The final video consists of over 150,000 frames.

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