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Liebherr unveils new mid-size wheel loader lineup

Unveiled in Europe, Liebherr's new series of wheel loaders has more power and additional features

The new mid-sized wheel loader series from Liebherr features the L 526, L 538 and L 546 models

Liebherr has unveiled its new 8th generation series of mid-sized wheel loaders, with improvements made to performance and functionality.

The new series consists of three models – the L526, L538 and L546 – all of which have been redeveloped and re-designed to increase engine power for demanding operations, as well as the addition of Liebherr’s Likufix quick-coupler system.

Liebherr says the series is characterised by an increase in performance compared to previous models. The L526 model for one, boasts 20 per cent more engine power and over 20 per cent higher breakout forces than its predecessor.

Both the L538 and L546 models harness the power of an optimised travel drive, which provides enhanced traction to boost acceleration onsite as well as a greater ability to penetrate into materials.

In addition to the power increases on the machines, reinforcements have also been made to the front section of the wheel loaders, where steel has been used to strengthen the machines to better handle heavy loads.

New lift arms have also been reinforced to improve robustness as well. Optimised z-bar kinematics with electro-hydraulic pilot controls also boasts larger hydraulic cylinders and more powerful working pumps to provide operators with faster cycle times and dynamic work movements.

Amidst the redesigning of the lift arms, Liebherr has also updated the bucket design – which now boast respective capacities of 2.2 cubic metres for the L526, 2.6m3 for the L538 and 3 cubic metres for the L546. New bucket-tilt assist is also included and helps when working with sticky materials such as damp soil.

Liebherr has also made available a range of options for industry-specific applications. High lift arms – an extended version of the z-bar kinematics, are available for better, more efficient loading processes at heights. So too is a view-optimised quick coupler and the fully automatic Likufix quick-coupler system – an optional attachment for wheel loaders uses which allows operators to change between working tools quickly from inside the cab.

The 8th gen series also includes an optional active personnel detection system with brake assist, which is installed at the rear of the vehicle and warns the operator on the display or via acoustic signals of dangers at the rear of the machine.

Other features of the mid-size wheel loader range include parallel guidance of the lift arms, which can be activated via a button.

New lift arms with high performance: The new Liebherr L 546 wheel loader transports logs with a log grapple
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