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Lindsey Daniels set to retire after 46 years with CJD Equipment

Lindsay Daniels is set to retire from his role as CJD’s national product engineering and training manager for Volvo CE products

Lindsay Daniels spent 46 years with CJD Equipment

By any measure, 1976 was an important year for Australia – The Australian Defence Forces became one entity and the Vietnam War came to an end, as did popular radio serial Blue Hills, while ABBA’s ‘Fernando’ spent 14 weeks at the top of the Australian charts.

The year also marked a memorable occasion for Lindsay Daniels, who commenced work in March that year as a mechanic in the machinery workshop for CJD Equipment.

And now, 46 years later, Daniels is set to retire from his role as CJD’s national product engineering and training manager for Volvo CE products.

Across his nearly five-decade long tenure with CJD, Daniels has held several different roles.

Beginning as a mechanic, he gained valuable experience in a number of mechanical labour roles in his formative years, including spells in the truck workshop, as the workshop supervisor and, in the 1980s, he worked in the field, servicing the machines.

Moves to Manjimup in WA’s southwest saw Daniels operate as subcontracted labour for Bunnings Bros to service and repair its fleet of John Deere skid steers.

When he moved back to Perth in 1990, Daniels found a new niche in sales as a product support manager and forestry sales representative in southwest WA for CJD.

A brief spell in Tasmania, in 1991, saw Daniels establish Forestry Machinery Co, which was part of CJD’s Timberjack distribution network.

Daniels’ Tasmanian expedition lasted until 1994 when he returned to WA as a regional sales manager for brands such as John Deere, Volvo CE and Timberjack.

Having worked his way through company ranks, Daniels was appointed CJD’s WA general manager in 2011 before moving to the national office for his final role.

“Working for CJD has changed my life in many ways,” he says.

“CJD has sheltered, fed, and educated all my family; not to mention the variety of personal development opportunities I have had. I am certainly a different person to the kid that started in the workshop all those years ago.”

In his time with CJD, Daniels has been at the forefront of an ever- changing landscape.

At the beginning, the staff consisted of around just 20 people, but growth came quickly for the company.

CJD’s expansion took an even bigger step forward at the turn of the century when it developed from a WA-based business to a national distribution brand representing Volvo CE in every state except for South Australia – a period which Daniels says was among the most exciting times at CJD.

Daniels says his success at CJD can be put down to the experience he has gained both in the workshop and in sales, as well as his driving passion for the company and the brands it represents.

“I guess transitioning from a mechanic, where you could see and touch your days’ labour, to moving into sales, where you can work on a deal for weeks, months or even years before it comes to fruition; developing the patience to change was hard at first. It took me a long time to understand it,” he says.

“I think it’s important to like what you do and CJD has always been able to find quality franchises to work with. Today, we work with Volvo CE, SDLG, Kenworth and Isuzu franchises – all world-recognised as leaders in their fields.”

Daniels worked his way up the ranks from starting off as a mechanic

It’s a different kind of excitement that’s next on the agenda – Daniels is planning on reconnecting with his hobbies of fishing and golf as well as making the most of the caravan he recently purchased with his wife.

Asked if there was anything he wants to say to the staff at CJD, Daniels simply offered the following:

“There is a lot of great people working for CJD around the country, I have loved every minute of working with them and for them.

“Thanks for the help, support and guidance, and I wish you all the best for your futures.”

CJD Equipment Managing Director Alan Barnett also paid tribute to Daniels.

“Lindsay’s legacy will be that of hard work, a real care for people and a strong commitment to CJD Equipment and its customers,” Barnett says.

“He also leaves the legacy of the second generation of the Daniels family currently working at the company in James Daniels who is a National Key Account Manager for our Construction business. We hope there is a third generation somewhere in our future.

“Lindsay has been a big part of CJD Equipment over 46 years. He will be sorely missed but we look forward to celebrating his retirement his style and wishing him all the best and thanking him for his 46 years of service. We look forward to Lindsay becoming one of “CJD’s Old Boys.”

Enjoy retirement, Lindsay

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