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Lynfield Mini X is a silver success

Now Victoria’s sole distributor of Sunward Excavators, Lynfield Mini X has big plans for the future of the marque Down Under

Lynfield Mini X is Sunward’s sole distributor for Victoria

In a traditional sense, a 25th anniversary is marked with the gift of silver. But, in the case of Lynfield Mini X, the quarter-century milestone was celebrated in a very different way.

Based in Altona North (8km from the Melbourne CBD), Lynfield Mini X marked the occasion by striking a new partnership with Chinese excavator manufacturer Sunward.

First started in 1999, Sunward now exports excavators, skid steers and mining equipment such as drilling rigs to over 100 countries globally.

It has a sizeable footprint in key markets such as the US and Europe, where the company delivered its 20,000th unit late last year.

At Lynfield Mini X, demand has remained consistent for the Sunward machines as the brand continues to make headway for itself in Australian market.

Today, Lynfield Mini X is the sole distributor of Sunward products in Victoria and continues to provide servicing there and in South Australia and Tasmania.

Previously, across the first 25 years of the business, Lynfield Group had imported used low-hour machinery from Japan and the United States for resale in Australia.

Today, Lynfield also focuses on biosecurity washing of imported earthmoving equipment – being so close to the Port of Melbourne, Lynfield can offer a quick turnaround time for this service.

Recent years have seen Lynfield Mini X receive a lot of positive feedback on the machines.

“Customers buy the product up to date, and given the price difference between Sunward and other excavator manufactures, they are extremely happy on  how reliably they perform,” the company says.

On offer is a range of mini Sunward excavators, including 1.8, 2.5, 3.5, six, and nine-tonne models capable of performing a range of different tasks.

A range of skidsteers with a track machine available soon and Sunward is also testing larger 15-tonne and 20-tonne zero swing excavators that Lynfield hopes to be able to bring Down Under soon.

As well as all these, Lynfield Mini X has a new venture in the pipeline – a rental division, which aims to be off the ground within the next six months and will offer up to 25-tonne machines for rental.

“We are confident that we will have it up and running by the start of the new financial year; this will also give customers the chance to test machines before purchasing,” Lynfield says.

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