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Mainpac launches new mobile asset management technology

Asset management solutions company Mainpac has just released Mainpac Mobility, a new module for managing work orders and inspections with aims of improving productivity and enable faster decision making.

Mainpac Executive Chairman James Kirk says two key benefits the heavy industries can experience from mobility technology for machinery and equipment are improved staff productivity and reduced equipment downtime.

“Giving workers instant access to information like machinery diagrams and parts availability makes it much easier for them to complete tasks effectively,” he says.

“We live in a 24/7 world. For smarter, quicker, better operational asset management, you’ve got to be mobile.”

According to Mainpac, the new software provides a range of features to benefit heavy industries in terms of asset management such as work order synchronization, asset identifying with barcodes and GIS maps, department/role/user level customisation etc.

Kirk adds mobility within asset management is not just about being able to see reports and data, but also about interactivity and having the right tools available when you need them.

“With a mobile asset management solution, that person doesn’t even need to be in the same town as the facility they’re looking after,” he says.

“They can use a mobile device and Mainpac Mobility to quickly access the information they need, as well as receive images and other condition information immediately.”

Mainpac Mobility integrates with Mainpac EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) software to improve the benefits the system delivers, and improve the software’s return on investment.

“Our customers can use mobile devices to capture information about asset condition that can be used for predictive analysis, or for distribution to engineers to collaborate on identifying faults and resolving outages quickly,” Kirk says.

“There’s also the ability to access historical work orders and inspection information for quicker root-cause analysis. Ultimately, this means customers can reduce outages and downtime.”

He adds the Mainpac Mobility system also increases productivity by eliminating the need for paper based systems which traditionally takes up a huge chunk of an employee’s time at work.

“With a mobility solution, that inefficiency just disappears, and you end up with better, more accurate data captured in your EAM,” he says.

“The lifeblood of an EAM system is the ongoing entry of accurate asset information, and Mainpac Mobility makes it simple. It’s easy to use, intuitive and secure.”

Find out more about Mainpac’s Mobility software on Mainpac’s website.

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