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Makinex launches new floor saws

Power equipment supplier Makinex has unveiled its new range of petrol and electric floor saws that allow greater cut depth and durability.

Makinex International Sales Manager Paul Weaver says the company is excited about the launch.

“We now have three models, both petrol and electric that can help operators do their job faster and easier,” he says.

“The name Makinex comes from the philosophy of making inefficiencies extinct and our innovation products clearly demonstrates that, time and time again.”

The FS-130SP Electric 14’, FS-150 Petrol 16″ and FS-150ETP Electric 16″ are ideal for a wide range of uses such as cutting concrete slabs, pavements, crack chasing, roads and footpaths.

The company says the revolutionary flush cutting angle of the saws allows greater cutting depths of up to 153mm with less physical force while the pneumatic shock absorber adjusts the cut depth to suit the application.

The new Petrol Saw comes standard with a Honda GX270 series motor which has greater fuel efficiency, reduction in emissions and quieter performance.

An adjustable rear axle on the floor saws improve accessibility in hard to reach places by enabling the blade to cut flush against walls and curbs.

Other features include a depth indicator for accurate cut depth, guided sight for straighter cutting and adjustable handle bar height for ergonomic operation.

Find out more about the floor saws on Makinex’s website.

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