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Material handlers released for Cat

Currently available for order, Caterpillar says its two new material handlers are ideal for scrap metal and waste applications

Cat’s new MH3024 material handler

The Cat MH3022 and MH3204 material handlers boast next-generation technology, using their advanced electrohydraulic systems to optimise performance.

Both models are powered by Cat’s C4.4 engine, which meets EU Stage V emissions standards and is  capable of operating on fuel with up to B20 biodiesel.

Operators will also be able to complete tasks using Power or Eco-power modes, which the company says offers up to ten per cent lower fuel usage than previous model.

Cat has also made the MH3022 12 per cent wider in order to improve stability, while the MH3024 has been bolstered with up to seven per cent greater swing torque to move material faster.

Both models also sport Cat’s heavy lift mode and its SmartBoom system, which allows the boom to travel freely up and down without using pump flow – meaning operators can focus more on grapple control.

New technologies now standard on the MH3022 and MH3024 include a cab avoidance system that prevents attachments coming into contact with the cab, and a required PIN code to prevent unauthorised people from starting the engine.

New reach options are available for both models to increase flexibility across several different applications, and they can also be equipped with a 15-kW generator for magnet operation.

With both deluxe and premium options available, a reengineered cab design has seen enhancements made for operator visibility and safety, with large windows and small pillars providing all-round views.

Right-side and rear-view cameras are also standard and can be upgraded to 360-degree vision.

The windows have also been made thicker and impact-resistant and meet EN356, P8B and P5A standards.

Cat’s new MH3022 material handler

Daily maintenance points can be quickly accessed from ground level while Cat has also added a new service platform, with steps, to provide easy and safe access to the upper service area. A ground-level shutoff switch, which stops all fuel to the engine and shuts down the machine, is another safety addition.

In cab, the pair of material handlers feature a joystick steering option with the previous steering column being removed completely to improve forward visibility, legroom and entry. All controls have been positioned in front and within reach of the operator.

A ten-inch (254mm) touchscreen monitor, with jog-dial, offers operators easy navigation to controls. The option to store specific joystick and preferred power mode settings for different operators based on operator ID is also included.

For servicability and maintenance, Cat’s ProductLink technology helps capture data such as location, fuel usage, hours, productivity, idle time, maintenance and fault codes – and can be accessed remotely for external assistance.

Cat has also added new hydraulic oil filters, which last 50 per cent longer and increase change intervals to 3000 operating hours, and new anti-drain valves to keep hydraulic oil clean during filter replacement.

All fuel filters also feature a 1000-hour operating-hour change interval while the new air intake filter with pre-cleaner lasts up to 1000 hours.

The in-cab monitor is capable of tracking filter life and maintenance intervals. The cooling fan feature also is added as standard across both models and features an automatic reverse function to keep the cores clean.

An optional vibrating cooling screen activates during reverse fan operation to further improve dust and debris removal.

Both material handlers can be ordered at any time and will be available in Australia in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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