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Mates in Construction and EML Group announce partnership

Mates in Construction and EML Group are launching a new mental health and suicide prevention partnership to aid NSW construction workers

Suicide prevention and mental health advocate Mates in Construction has announced a partnership with EML Group, a specialist in personal injury claims management in Australia, which it says will significantly strengthen mental health support and education for construction workers.

A launch event took place this morning in Sydney, with Sydney Roosters NRL player Lindsay Collins in attendance as an ambassador for Mates in Construction.

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EML’s funding will enable Mates in Construction to boost its on-site support and training in New South Wales by deploying two new field officers, which will bolster the wellbeing of an estimated 2,300 construction workers each year. These officers will specialise in delivering bespoke training and on-site sessions, with a concentrated focus on mental health and the prevention of suicide.

“Our partnership with EML marks a pivotal chapter in our quest to prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of construction workers,” Mates in Construction CEO Brad Parker says.

“We’re here to establish a legacy of care, fostering an environment where mental health is openly discussed, and where suicide prevention is an intrinsic part of our culture.”

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