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MAVinci Sirius Pro UAS drops need for ground control points

A new MAVinci unmanned aerial system (UAS) that reduces aerial mapping project time and improves safety by eliminating the need for ground control points (GCPs) has been introduced to the Australian market by distributor Position Partners.

“Setting out ground control can often take more than 50 percent of the total project time for an aerial survey,” says Position Partners UAS Product Manager Gavin Docherty. “By removing this step in the process, the Sirius Pro delivers the same accuracy and reliability of data with ultimate convenience for the user.”

That accuracy is 5cm — the same as a Sirius Classic. Depending on the ground sample distance (GSD), however, MAVinci says this could even come down to 2cm.

Not only does eliminating GCPs save time, reduce costs and increase efficiency, Docherty says, it also allows areas that are difficult to access, hazardous or very large to be aerially surveyed with ease.

The Sirius Pro couples Topcon Positioning System’s high precision GNSS technology with an on-board Topcon 100Hz dual frequency geodetic GNSS receiver. The MAVinci Connector then works as a Real Time Kinematic (RTK) base station, which transmits corrections to the on-board GNSS receiver.

“The Sirius Pro UAV essentially puts ground points in the air, eliminating the need for manual set-out on the ground,” Position Partners says. “This technology could prove a game changer for any surveyor wanting to undertake large-scale mapping and topographical surveys.”

It is especially useful for mining applications, it adds: “Mine surveyors face the challenge of conducting surveys, reconciliation and geological work in active mining areas with working heavy machinery. This often requires the surveyor to get approval to shut down plant on site for ground control set-out, adding lengthy delays to a survey.”

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