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MB BF 80.3 crusher bucket joins Boss Attachments lineup

The MB BF 80.3, a crusher bucket that suits excavators over 18.5 tonnes in weight, is the newest crusher bucket to join the MB lineup carried by Boss Attachments in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands.

The BF 80.3 is designed to be compact, versatile and suitable for the crushing and recycling of inert material or material resulting from projects such as demolition, road works, pipelines and excavations.

The bucket weighs in at 3 tonnes with a load capacity of 0.75 cubic metres. It reaches productivity of 34 cubic metres per hour working on a ‘One Man One Machine’ basis.

MB says that over the past 10 years it has been working away at its facility in the town of Fara Vicentino (about 100km north-west of Venice) to “dramatically change the methods of crushing used in all types of construction, enabling new opportunities and providing solutions to all types of technical requirements and environmental regulations”.

MB invented and patented the jaw crusher bucket in 2001 and went on to make a range characterised by high-quality fabrication (such as the use of Hardox and Weldox ), solid and durable build and clean lines designed to resist wear and high stresses in tough working conditions.

MB remains the undisputed world leader in crusher bucket technology, with its buckets now used in excavation, quarrying, demolition, recycling, mining and road building, Boss Attachments director Livio Pace says.

“These buckets truly exceed customer expectations,” he says. “They are truly amazing products that sell themselves based on their own merit and performance. No other crusher bucket even comes close. In fact it’s an insult to compare with other brands.

“A common comment from customers is, ‘If I didn’t see it with my own eyes I wouldn’t believe it’,” Pace adds. “Then they generally just stand back and shake their heads when they think of all the money they could have saved, if only they had an MB crusher bucket.

“We have an 80 percent strike rate when the clients see the bucket in action; the other 20 percent are just not ready to buy just yet.”

The MB crusher buckets range in size from the MB-L120, which weighs less than 1 tonne and is designed to work on small skid loaders, to the monster BF 150.1, which at 10 tonnes is the largest crusher bucket in the world. It’s designed for excavators exceeding 70 tonnes.

Besides the crusher buckets, MB manufactures rotary screening buckets for the selection of natural materials both before and after the crushing phase.

Also available from Boss Attachments, the MB-S screening attachments have the potential to reduce crushing times by up to 60 percent.

Able to be installed on all excavators and skid steer loaders, there are five models that differ in terms of size and weight: the 0.50-cubic-metre-capacity MB-LS140 for small skid loaders; the 0.60-cubic-metre-capacity MB-S10 for 4 to 9 tonne excavators; the 1.2-cubic-metre MB-S14 for 9 to 20-tonne excavators; the 2.4-cubic-metre MB-S18 for 20 to 35-tonne models; and the world’s biggest screening bucket, the 4.7-cubic-metre MB-S23, which is designed for excavators greater than 35 tonnes.

“We love the MB brand and the company,” Pace says. “We are truly passionate about this product range as it is the best by far in every aspect.

“What more can I say? Words cannot explain how happy we are.”

Boss Attachments has its head office in Somerby, NSW, and another in Auckland, New Zealand. For more information call 1300 116 661 or visit

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