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Mecalac launches its safest dump truck

Mecalac has launched its Revotruck dumper, saying that it is the safest and most ergonomic dump truck on the market

Mecalac’s Revotruck combines cab rotation with exceptional off-road capabilities, the company has announced.

Building upon the success of its current dumper range, Mecalac says the Revotruck is the safest and most ergonomic dumper on the market.

Aiming to minimise accidents on construction sites, Mecalac says its research and development team carried out in-depth analysis of worksites and found that visibility, stability and manoeuvrability were key issues.

These identified issues were at the forefront of the creation of the Revotruck, which Mecalac says addresses these challenges.

“We are proud to have created this revolutionary dumper, which embodies our expertise and the group´s innovation,” Mecalac Group chairman Alexandre Marchetta says.

The business says it is the first dumper on the market to feature a rotating cab, including the cockpit, which offers 360-degree visibility and can reduce accidents on a worksite.

With four large access points at each corner of the cab, operators can easily get in or out regardless of whatever orientation the cab is in.

It has a switchable steering mode – two-wheel steering, four-wheel steering and crab steering – enabling it to work in confined spaces and with its turning radius halved compared with conventional articulated dumper trucks, Mecalac says.

At the touch of a button, operators can rotate the cabin to see a worksite from all angles, increasing comfort by avoiding back problems where the operator must twist their neck and back to see from different angles.

Two sizes are available for the Revotruck, a six-tonne and a nine-tonne model.

The Revotruck has already won five awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Design Awards “Best of the Best”, which Mecalac says the highest accolade in one of the world’s most renowned design competitions.

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