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Mecalac Revotruck wins Red Dot Design award

Compact construction equipment designer for urban environments, Mecalac, wins a Red Dot Design award for being the ‘Best of the Best’ for its design of the new Revotruck dumper

The Red Dot Award jury says the Revotruck is “impressively multifunctional and shows quasi-transformational characteristics for safer material transport”. Mecalac says that a key focus of the design of the Revotruck was around maximising visibility to prevent accidents on site.

To achieve this, Mecalac has implanted a rotating cab as well as four access points for the operator, regardless of the cab’s position. The tray can also dump to the rear as well as to the side.

The rotating cab of the Revotruck turns up to 225° to provide 360° visibility of the surroundings and skip movements.

Drivers are able to face the direction of travel as the design aims to reduce downtime for tricky manoeuvres and lower the risk of workplace accidents.

The machine automatically adjusts the driving direction, speed and steering to the current position of the cab. This means the Revotruck can transport material as a rear tipper and dump it precisely as a front tipper with the cab turned.

Mecalac says the central chassis oscillation of up to 20° ensures permanent stability and traction in all conditions. The two oscillating ends mean that they follow the terrain independently of each other for improved traversal of rough ground. A switchable steering mode also improves flexibility on different sites.

The Revotruck has a 74 horsepower (55kW) Peakins engine as well as a switchable steering mode featuring two-wheel, all-wheel and crab steering that allows for a tighter turning radius for tight-space work.

For more on the Mecalac Revotruck, follow the link provided.

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