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Mecalac unveils first 100pc electric 6 tonne dumper

Mecalac has unveiled the eMDX, the first 100 per cent electric 6 tonne dumper in the world

Mecalac has unveiled the eMDX, the first 100 per cent electric 6 tonne dumper, which the company says is designed for sustainable urban construction.

The eMDX features a 75 kWh battery, offering at least eight hours of uninterrupted operation and a rapid four hour recharge.

Mecalac says the dumper maintains the performance of its diesel counterpart, the 6MDX, with superior acceleration and manoeuvrability on slopes.

Mecalac’s electric ecosystem includes the eS1000 swing loader and the e12 wheel loader, significantly reducing CO2 emissions on worksites, the company adds.

The zero-emission machines can be operated inside buildings, offering reduced noise pollution and lower maintenance and operating costs.

The eMDX is powered by a type 2 plug, similar to that used in electric cars, offering a convenient solution thanks to the more widely available charging points.

It can also be recharged via a 5-pin industrial socket, directly on a switchboard or site unit.

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