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Melbourne Metro Tunnel station complete

The first new Melbourne Metro Tunnel station has finished construction and is ready for testing

Arden station, the first of five new stations making up the Metro Tunnel, is now complete ahead of the rail line opening set for 2025.

The new station has been built in North Melbourne, 2km west of Melbourne CBD and includes platform screen doors in a first for Victoria. The Metro Tunnel will run from Sunbury in the west to Cranbourne/Packenham in the south east of the city.

Since construction on Arden station began in 2018, 330,000 tonnes of rock and soil have been excavated, 3,000 lights installed and 104,000 locally manufactured bricks laid.

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“The Metro Tunnel will save commuters hours every week and change the city forever,” Victorian premier Jacinta Allan says.

“I thank and congratulate the thousands of workers who have been employed on this site since the beginning, and the many thousands more who are building rail lines and roads right across Melbourne and regional Victoria.”

The project and new Metro trains will shorten travel times for commuters and make room for an extra 121,000 peak-hour passengers every week – an increase of 45 per cent, the state government says.

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