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Miller brings 180 degree tilt quick coupler to ANZ

The PowerLatch Tilt, a fully hydraulic quick-coupler which can tilt a full 180 degrees and allows operators to change attachments in a horizontal position, has been released by Miller Australia.

The coupler is available in models suitable for carriers from 3.5 tonnes to 21 tonnes and exceededs the requirements of NSW’s WorkCover Authority for quick hitch safety, says Brendan Quill, Miller’s UK-based sales and marketing director.

“Site safety is an issue which Miller has focused on for the past decade,” Quill says. “In fact we invented the Twin Locking concept in 2008 to satisfy the demands of ever-changing worksites around the world — particularly with the increasing focus being placed on ground worker safety.

“Our system completely locks the attachment to the excavator from within the cab.”

Quill says Miller has developed a modification for the Australian market that allows the PowerLatch Tilt coupler to attach and release attachments in the horizontal position, rather than requiring them to be fully crowded.

“We developed this specifically for rock saws and other long attachments, which are very popular in this market, and which need to be placed in upright stands when not in use.”

The ability to tilt through a full 180 degrees adds considerable flexibility to the hitch’s operations, Miller adds.

“Other tilt couplers on the market do not have the full 180-degree tilt option on the larger ranges; while most can achieve 180 degrees for carriers under 10 tonnes, in the case of larger machines they can only tilt to 140 degrees,” he says.

“Our Powerlatch Tilt coupler considerably adds to a machine’s flexibility — it lets operators use a standard bucket for batter work, plus buckets can be used in face mode.

“Operator feedback is that the great majority of tasks can be completed using this tilt coupler, rather than having to fit a tilting/rotating coupler, which is considerably more expensive.”

Miller attachments are represented in Australia by Australian Bucket Supplies in New South Wales Rhino Buckets & Attachments in Western Australia and BMES in Queensland. Nimrod Engineering takes care of business in New Zealand.

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