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Mining in Australia, Statistics & Facts [Infographic]

A brief insight into the Australian mining industry, the infographic displays facts and statistics surrounding the economic benefits of mining in Australia.

A world leader for brown coal, lead, nickel, rutile, zircon, uranium and zinc, Australia’s mining industry generates high rates of employment and contributes 16.8 billion in wages and salaries each year.

The mining industry requires skilled workers to operate giant vehicles and machinery. Giant trucks are as high as a two story building and can weigh up to 500 tonnes when fully loaded! Though mining truckies must live in somewhat isolated areas, they are rewarded with a high average wage, and minimal living costs with accommodation and meals provided.

Australia is the world leader in net coal exports, responsible for 29% of global coal exports. Mining production in Australia is continually growing at a steady rate, meaning further employment opportunities, and greater economic benefits are likely in the years to come.

Mining production in Australia

Mining in Australia Infographic


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