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Modern tech and good ties helps Form Reo Pour Australia with Porter Equipment

Modern technologies and a good relationship with the team at Porter Equipment mean the team at Form Reo Pour Australia will be sticking with Hyundai for the near future

This Hyundai HX235 excavator is the latest to join the Form Reo Pour fleet

It was 2016, and Laurence Harrison decided it was time to take a risk.

“I’d worked for the man a bit before then, and I guess I was a bit bored,” he says.

“I was young, single, didn’t have much to lose and had cash in the bank – so I just went out on a limb.” Six years on, and the decision to go into business with old university friend Rhory Lyle has paid off.

The men, both civil engineers, together founded Form Reo Pour Australia – based in the Melbourne suburb of Brooklyn – as a civil concrete structure business.

Since its formation the company has been dealing with the concrete structures for commercial, industrial and domestic projects – carrying out excavation work and building civil and retention structures.

“The reality of it isn’t all beer and skittles, but if you look at it on paper it’s a relatively successful small civil, concrete structure business that is going quite well,” he says.

“Predominantly we do in-ground foundation works. And, and, and other concrete structure, you know, in ground or out of ground?”

While of late the company has been doing a lot of work on schools, following a campaign of investment by the Victorian State Government, Harrison says these days Form Reo Pour Australia is doing a lot more commercial work.

When the team from Earthmovers & Excavators caught up with them, the team was carrying out work on a concrete plant for a regular supplier.

Form Reo Pour Australia carries out a range of civil and commercial work

“That’s a lump sum sort of project we do everything from the map, project management, structural steel erection, precast, pavement, the whole sort of shooting match,” he says.

The company also works on other forms of civil infrastructure, he adds, having performed work for ICON, John Holland, CPB and Lend Lease among others.

“We’ve built some culverts and pit structures on the Monash [Freeway] and done, like, retaining wall structures on the new North East Link project,” he says.

“We work across all those genres of client bases.” Performing all this work is a fleet of excavators that has now grown to 10 – ranging from a one-tonne model all the way to two 20 tonne excavators, including a new Hyundai HX235.

All these excavators come from Hyundai, Harrison says – though he says the brand loyalty came about a little by accident.

“My business partner Rhory ran an earthmoving plant hire business prior to us going into a partnership – so half of the machines we currently have, he had already,” he says.

“The existing fleet was Hyundai and the service and relationship we had with the existing salesman and service departments was there – and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

But despite acquiring the Hyundais with the foundation of the business, Harrison says the quality of the machines has been more than enough to keep him coming back to local distributors Porter Equipment.

“We’re primarily after function, because we’re not just smashing holes in stuff and moving heavy things,” he says.

“We’re doing more detailed excavation work where you want the functionality of the machine and the accessibility of the machine – all our machines are zero swing versions, and they’re not conventional excavators.”

“We’re more dealing with tighter access – function, power and reliability is what we want.”

Electronics and other conveniences available in the HX235 are useful for operators

The Hyundais boast many modern features, he adds.

“They’ve always got the latest technology that is available,” he says. “Even the safety stuff, like the camera feed…. it’s in the everyday model of the Hyundai… it has controls where you can set heights, have vision everywhere… there’s all these mod cons and electronics from an operator’s perspective that are handy.”

“And you don’t have to pay unnecessary amounts of money for them, like you do in other models. With new models and the servicing of his existing equipment in the same place, Harrison says he will be sticking with Hyundai into the future.

“It’s a value for money service and equipment – I find it to be a quality, reliable product for the money,” he says.

For more details on equipment available for purchase through Porter Equipment, visit  

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