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Mushroom wholesaler sticks with Toyota

The first specialist mushroom wholesaler in the Perth produce markets has commissioned a second Toyota 1.5-tonne payload forklift.

Mr Mushroom Managing Director Glenn Mews was introduced to the Toyota Material Handling family three years ago when he won a BT hand pallet truck in a raffle at the annual Markets Ball.

Mews, who bought his first Toyota forklift, a 32-8FG15, 12 months ago, has just commissioned a second 32-8FG15 forklift.

Both forklifts have three-stage full free lift 4300mm masts and are fitted with windscreens, an integral side shift attachment, solid tyres, mud flaps and markets-spec lighting.

Mews says Toyota service is his number one priority, followed by the reliability and flexibility of the forklifts.

“The Toyota service centre has a spare forklift, which is an enormous help for a small business if one of our forklifts is being serviced,” Mews says.

“In terms of reliability, the Toyota forklifts are virtually bullet-proof,” he says.

Mews adds his business has found the dual-fuel option to be really valuable.

“We’ve had two occasions where there has been a shortage of LPG, but we’ve continued to operate our forklifts thanks to the dual-fuel option,” he says.

“The latest Toyota forklift models have indicators for payload weight and vehicle speed, putting the cream on top of an already good cake.”

The 32-8FG15 is one of the most popular forklifts in Toyota’s leading-edge 8-Series range.

Safety features of the Toyota 8-Series forklift range include Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) and Operator Presence Sensing (OPS) as standard equipment.

Mr Mushroom was launched in 1989 as a second-generation wholesaler.

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