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New asset tracking solutions for heavy industry

Fleet management technology specialist Navman Wireless has released new asset tracking devices- the Qtanium 350 and Qtanium 100 designed specifically for the construction and mining sectors.

Navman Wireless says the devices are fully integrated into its software set, allowing organisations in the heavy industry or businesses looking for a reliable asset management device to efficiently monitor their off-road assets.

The Qtanium 350, when combined with Navman Wireless’s OnlineAVL2 software, allows the user to monitor and manage all vehicles, plant and equipment assets on a single screen. Detailed reporting and dynamic dashboards are key features of the device that allows efficient asset management.

Navman Wireless Managing Director Ian Daniel says a clear understanding of how one’s equipment is being used is crucial in the mining and construction industries to ensure it is working optimally at all times.

“We’ve done a lot of ground work and developed new reports specifically targeted at off road assets within OnlineAVL2 which will really help these businesses obtain that knowledge,” he says.

Some key asset reports the Qtanium 350 is capable of generating, according to Navman Wireless, are:

  • Equipment Utilisation report which shows usage (ignition on time) broken out by day along with the current engine hours and last update.
  • Work Versus Idle report that identifies real ‘working times’ by showing the amount of time a vehicle or asset is running idle or running productively.
  • Trip report by asset showing trips, from ignition on to ignition off, that each machine makes in a given time period.
  • Jobsite Utilisation report that tracks equipment usage broken down within each geofenced jobsite, facilitating job costing.
  • ConEx (Sensor) Use report showing users how long the sensor was engaged and distance travelled while engaged.
  • Maintenance by Exception report will help users identity which maintenance types for each asset fall within a selected status (normal, due soon, overdue)

Like Navman Wireless’ Qube tracking device, the Qtanium 350 is available with optional satellite communications capability via the Iridum Satellite Network, should the assets be located in areas outside usual mobile coverage which is common in the mining sector.

“This new solution allows for the collection and analysis of real-time and historical data to provide organisations with all the fleet on-road and off-road asset intelligence they need to make a huge impact on their bottom line,” Daniel says.

The Qtanium 350’s IP67 rating allows it to be submerged in water and it is also shock tested and can endure harsh vibrations and extreme environments.

The unit is also tamperproof and affixed with industrial strength magnets.

“There is no other solution like it in the market,” Daniel says.

The Qtanium 100, according to Navman Wireless, is ideal for companies wishing to track their smaller assets without having to pay unreasonable costs.

The device gives timed updates on an asset’s location so its owner can track its whereabouts at all times.

The Qtanium 350 offers users up to five months of continuous battery life while the Qtanium 100 offers up to seven years of battery life and is client changeable.

Find out more about the new products on Navman Wireless’s website.

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