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New Bomag asphalt range introduced to Australia

Bomag has introduced a comprehensive new range of German-made asphalt products to Australia, including the Dash 5 double drum rollers, combination rollers and pavers, and milling machines.

Bomag says its BW120 roller has become the world’s most popular compaction unit since its release in the early 1970s, and the new AD-5 variant takes performance and operator comfort to a whole new level.

The 1200mm wide double-drum roller comes standard with a compaction meter, auto vibration control, dual frequency and no grease nipples. The 2850kg unit is powered by a Kubota engine delivering 24.3kW.

A BW120AD-5 was recently delivered to long-time Bomag customer RCCC Civil Contracting in Kingston, Tasmania, while Melbourne asphalt company TNM Road Services has received the BW120AC-5 combination roller model.

The new range of large (7.5 tonne-plus) Dash 5 double drum rollers feature oscillating vibration, pivot steer and Asphalt Manager units. The latter continuously measures the load-bearing capacity of the material to be compacted and provides the maximum compaction performance achievable.

Bomag -2014-Asphalt -Product -rangeThe Townsville City Council recently took delivery of Bomag’s flagship large double-drum asphalt roller, the BW151AD-5, which has undergone extensive reforms and upgrades.

The machine is fitted with a rear-mounted Kubota engine which is both very quiet and easy to access and service. Its Ecomode feature is designed to give maximum performance while conserving fuel.

On the operator side, the cabin is 50 percent larger than the previous model and boasts a “superbly comfortable seat which swivels and moves laterally with great ease”, Bomag says.

Finally come Bomag’s new pavers and milling machines, which range from a basic screed width of 2.6m up to 11m. The large pavers are electric heated, and have an automatic lubrication system, fume extraction, moveable work platform and vibrating screed as standard.

The Bomag range is available through distributors Tutt Bryant Equipment.

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