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New buildings should be EV compatible: Property Council of Australia

The Property Council of Australia says planning for the needs of electric vehicles now will help save time and money later.

The Property Council of Australia says new builds should include EV charging

New buildings should be built ready to provide power, and parking, for electric vehicles (EVs), the Property Council of Australia says.

Speaking in support of new commitment by NSW of $171 million for new vehicle charging infrastructure, the Property Council’s NSW deputy executive director Lauren Conceicao says the property industry will play a critical role in Australia’s transition  to electric vehicles.

“The property industry has the capacity to encourage the shift to electric vehicles by incorporating efficient energy supply and consideration of electric vehicle public charging stations in the planning and building of new infrastructure,” she says.

“New buildings should be made EV-ready, to ensure they are future proofed for the transition of our vehicles away from combustion technologies.

“This will avoid expensive retrofitting down the track and will incentivise more people to purchase emissions free vehicles in the future.”

Conceicao said hotels and businesses should also consider allocating parking spaces for guests and employees to recharge, saying the market would not convert to EVs without adequate and appropriate electric charging stations.

“Today’s announcement from the NSW government of $171 million for new charging infrastructure across the state will get us a step closer but more will be needed to be done,” she added.

“The transition to electric vehicles will provide significant benefits across energy, transport, public health, infrastructure and industry development.”

It comes after the release of the NSW government’s electric vehicle charging masterplan, an online resource to help investors select locations for fast charging infrastructure.

The NSW government will also co-fund 1,000 charging bays along key travel routes across the state, while private investors provide around $160 million toward the initiative.

The Victorian government committed $5 million to deliver 100 new charging stations in June, with 80 per cent of that funding planned to go to regional areas, while Queensland committed $2.75 million to build 18 new charging sites that same month.

Western Australia has identified 45 locations to build up to 90 new electric vehicle fast charging stations across the state as part of its $21 million EV fund.

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