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December debut for Diamond Mowers mulching heads

American manufacturer says its two new mulching heads have been engineered for heavy duty applications

The Boom Drum mulcher for tractors

Two new mulching heads designed for mid-size excavators and tractors are set to make their Down Under debut in December, after their launch in the USA earlier this year.

Designed by South Dakota-based forestry manufacturer Diamond Mowers and imported to Australia by Colbrook Industries, the Drum Mulcher DC Pro X for excavators and the Boom Drum Mulcher for tractors have been engineered for heavy-duty work.

Both have improved performance features, coming with Diamond Mowers’ twin chisel planer teeth as standard but compatible with any of the three tooth options offered by the company.

Diamond mowers executive vice president Dan Stachel says the additions promise to help workers be more productive, as well as creating new revenue streams through diverse work opportunities.

“These additions bring new and improved performance features to the forefront of vegetation management,” he says.

The Excavator Drum Mulcher DC Pro X

Excavator Drum Mulcher DC Pro X

The new DC Pro x drum mulcher for excavators increases versatility while offering more productivity per pass, Diamond Mowers says.

It is offered in two widths of 30-inches and 50-inches (762 mm and 1270 mm) and can be attached to excavators between 4.5 to 10 tonnes. The mulcher is equipped with a Rexroth 63cc displacement hydraulic motor, which Diamond Mowers says is larger than the industry standard.

Given the power capabilities, the drum mulcher can power through material up to 8 inches (200mm) in diameter, making it the ideal attachment for land clearing, brush clearing, and vegetation management applications.

A rugged chassis, which can withstand crutching loads of up to 10 tonnes, protects the motor, while an abrasion-resistant AR 400 liner minimised wear from debris.

An optimised infeed system, which differentiates the DC Pro X to other excavator drum mulchers on the market, is also included to improve productivity per pass. The forward drum exposure works by feeding material from left to right where it is turned into aesthetic chip sizes inside the drum.

“Featuring a larger hydraulic motor, better motor protection, and an optimised cut width relative to weight, this new attachment offers a significant advantage in the marketplace,” Stachel says.

Boom Drum Mulcher

Designed for cutting, processing, and eliminating woody materials form areas which can’t be reached by skid steers or excavators, the Boom Drum mulcher offers even more versatility.

“Our new Boom Drum Mulcher can reach, cut, process, and eliminate material with one attachment, one pass, and one operator,” Stachel says.

The boom attaches onto the back of the tractor and features Diamond Mowers’ innovative Q-Connect system, which allows operators to interchange boom heads for different applications. The connection system uses a combination of bolts and clips which are compatible across the entire boom range meaning switching between attachment heads is quick and easy.

The Boom Drum mulcher features a hydraulic motor, optimised infeed system and removable bolt-on door for controlling and containing debris.

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