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McIntosh CE brings new equipment for Case CE

With new distributors and a convoy of new equipment due to arrive in 2023, the future is looking bright for Case Construction Equipment

Case TV620B compact track loader

The transition from CNH Industrial managing the distribution of Case Construction Equipment’s (Case CE) range to new distributor McIntosh Construction Equipment has been utterly seamless.

Since taking over as the national distributor for Case CE in April of last year, McIntosh CE has carried the torch for the Iowa-based brand Down Under.

McIntosh CE was established as a division of the Perth-based McIntosh Group after the new distribution agreement with CNH was signed.

Under the agreement, McIntosh CE not only took on the distribution rights for Case CE in Australia, but it also purchased the manufacturer’s Case Victoria retail dealership and assumed responsibility for all parts and warranty processing across the country.

On top of the Victorian Case dealership, McIntosh has kept the 10-strong dealer network that sells Case CE machinery around the country – just as it was under CNH – to ensure machines can get to customers as quickly as possible.

The dealer network means getting machinery into and around the country isn’t solely reliant on Case Victoria or the McIntosh Group in Perth, according to McIntosh CE general manager Paul Davies.

“We had a good volume of sales go through last calendar year and financial year. It’s been it’s been a good transition,” Davies says.

“We use all ports around the country to get the machines to the dealership as effectively as possible.

“They’re standalone dealerships that look after the entire product range and all servicing parts as required.”

While supply chain disruptions have certainly impacted the availability of new machinery throughout Australia – an issue faced by the earthmoving industry as a whole – Case CE is expected to introduce several machines Down Under over the next few years that are a cause for excitement for Davies, McIntosh CE and its customers.

Among the new machines set for release in Australia is the Case TV620B compact track loader (CTL) – the biggest and most powerful CTL ever produced by Case CE.

The TV620B is powered by a 114 horsepower (85kW) engine, Davies says, and has a rated operating capacity of 2.81 tonnes, a breakout force of 5.85 tonnes (bucket)/5.48 tonnes (lift), and 1.87m of track length on the ground.

To accommodate all that power, the CTL also includes more features as standard than before, including electro-hydraulic controls, high-flow hydraulics, automatic Ride Control and a programmable hydraulic reversing fan.

The TV620B has just been released in the United States and is expected to arrive in Australia by mid to late 2023.

Also in line for an Aussie debut next year are the D-Series mini excavators, which made their European debut recently at the Hillhead Quarry just outside of Manchester in the UK.

“The D-Series mini excavators will start to come into the country next year. We’re expecting around Q2 next year,” Davies says.

Case TV620B with mulching attachment

Further product expansion is also likely, according to Davies, who hinted at an influx of machinery in the future.

CNH Industrial has planned to move its manufacturing plant of dozers from Burlington, Iowa, to Brazil – something that Davies says will help its ambitions in the dozer market here in Australia.

“We’re obviously looking to expand our range in terms of the product offering with those new large frame CTLs coming into the market,” he says.

“Case is moving their dozer production from Burlington to Brazil, so that will only increase the range of dozers coming into the marketplace [in Australia].

“It’s exciting for us and we’re actually starting to make inroads in the dozer market which is pleasing to see.”

With the new distribution agreement now firmly established and new products on the horizon, the outlook for Case CE in Australia is optimistic – something which Davies says will help take the brand to ‘bigger and better things’.

In all this activity however, one thing remains important above all else for Davies and the team at McIntosh CE – providing quality service to customers.

“[We want to make sure] that we’re servicing our customers as best we can,” he says.

“We consider service to be front of mind for our dealer group. We’re very supportive of the customer and understand that the customer’s machine needs to be working so that customers can make money and that’s our focus.

“Our strong dealer network – where the focus is definitely on the customer – is the major difference with our brand compared to others. In general, these are family-owned dealerships with a strong focus on their customers. And the level of support they give is second to none.”

To show this, Case CE has begun its ‘let’s make some noise’ campaign, which aims at showing that the manufacturer is in partnership with its clients to keep business humming – nice and loud.

“The sound of silence is the worst sound in the world. At least to us at Case,” the campaign reads.

“Because hearing nothing means nothing’s getting done… That’s not for us. We want our customers to make some noise, the louder the better.”

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