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New Doherty tilt couplers to improve productivity

Named Snaplock+Tilt, the New Zealand based attachment business says its new and improved coupler models gives operators up to 180 degrees of tilt to increase earthmoving productivity on-site.

Compared to the older models, the new Snaplock+Tilt now features a larger actuator – in particular the 4-5.5 tonne, 5.5-8 tonne and the 30-35 tonne weight class models, resulting in 50 per cent more holding and tilt power.

The amount and size of bolts have also been increased to prevent premature failure which occurred in earlier models.

Doherty adds another key feature of its couplers is its safety enhancing Dual Pin Locking system which ensures attachments remain securely engaged in the event of loss of engagement force.

Managing Director Jeremy Doherty says while safety is paramount to the business, helping earthmoving operators achieve improved productivity is as important.

“The new models of the Snaplock+Tilt allows operators to simply tilt all attachments rather than having to move the entire machine,” he says.

“This improvement in productivity and versatility of the machine naturally results in increased profits for the business.”

Doherty adds the new couplers were designed with ease of maintenance in mind with the actuator containing only two triple sealed moving parts, hence eliminating the need for daily maintenance.

“Less time in the workshop means more time on-site, giving the earthmoving industry a better chance to achieve their productivity goals,” he says.

The new models include Doherty’s new cylinder design on the hydraulic multi-centre coupler which eliminates any risk of breaking the cylinder due to unlocking incorrectly.

The company, which has a wholly owned subsidiary in Australia claims it is one of the few manufacturers globally to offer quick couplers fully compliant to Australian standard AS4772-208, European EN474 standard, forthcoming ISO international standards and all major contractor policies.

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